The Japanese Association for Metastasis Research

Cancer metastasis is the major cause of death for cancer patients. The aim of the Association is to promote the study of cancer metastasis to overcoming this disease. In 1991, a first preparatory committee meeting was held in Tokyo, which resulted in the founding of The Japanese Association for Metastasis Research. Since then, annual meetings have been held in various cities in Japan. Members of the Association consist of researchers in different fields, basic science, clinical science, and industry.

President address

We are pleased to announce that the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Metastatic Research will be held at the Sendai International Center, Miyagi Prefecture on July 20 and 21, 2023. This will be the first time for the conference to be held not only in Sendai but also in the Tohoku region. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Honorary and Distinguished Members, Directors, Auditors, Councilors, and Members for this opportunity.
As a surgeon, I have been involved in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal cancers. With the development of science, treatment outcomes have improved dramatically compared to a decade ago. However, pancreatic and biliary tract cancers, which are my specialty, have poor prognoses and are also called "the deadliest cancer". Many of them are accompanied by distant metastasis at the time of diagnosis, and most patients are not eligible for surgical treatment. On the other hand, surgery is performed on patients who appear to have no metastasis, but early recurrence is not uncommon. In order to improve treatment outcomes, we believe that conquering metastasis is the most important issue, and we have chosen "Conquer metastasis, Conquer cancer" as the theme of the 32nd Annual Meeting..
In recent years, in addition to diagnostic imaging, liquid biopsy and/or staging laparoscopy have been used in clinical practice to diagnose metastases accurately. In addition, there is an increasing number of successful cases of multidisciplinary treatment, "conversion surgery" is performed after the metastases are controlled. We welcome basic research on biomarkers to diagnose metastasis, mechanisms to control metastasis, and the development of new drugs and devices, as well as clinical research and case reports that may lead to serendipity.
Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the 29th meeting was held on paper, the 30th meeting was held on the web, and the 31st meeting was held in a face-to-face (hybrid) style. I saw heated discussions at the venue and reaffirmed the advantages of face-to-face meetings. Therefore, although it depends on the outbreak of COVID-19, we plan to hold an in-person meeting in Sendai in principle and hope that everyone will come to Sendai.
Sendai, also known as the "City of Trees," is a city where city and nature are in harmony. The venue, Sendai International Center, is located at the foot of Sendai Castle (Aoba Castle), built by Date Masamune, the famous warlord, and is conveniently located about 5 minutes from Sendai Station on the Tozai Subway Line. After the heated discussion, we hope you will enjoy the famous Sendai specialties, beef tongue, high-level sushi, and Sendai beef, as well as an Edamame shake (Zunda shake) and local Japanese sake.
In 2022, the championship flag of the high school baseball team was brought to the Tohoku region for the first time. Following this, in 2023, an annual meeting of the Japanese Association for Metastatic Research will be held in the Tohoku area for the first time. My colleagues will be preparing for the events so that many of you will come to Sendai and make a presentation.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

2023 Annual Meetings:

The 32th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Metastasis Research

July 20th(Thu.)-21th(Fri.), 2023
Sendai International Center (Sendai City)
Unno Michiaki (Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Surgery)
Theme :
Conquer Metastasis, Conquer Cancer

2024 Annual Meetings:

The 33th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Association for Metastasis Research

June 27th(Thu)-28th(Fri), 2024
Nara Kasugano International Forum (Nara City)
Hitoshi Yoshiji ( University Department of Gastroenterology)
Theme :